What Is The Poorest Country In The World? – 5 You Will Be Shocked To Read

The Poorest Country In The World

If you are here reading this article then I am sure you are looking something about what is the poorest country in the world. If yes, then read on.

5 Poorest Countries In The World


The below listed rankings are based on research from Wikipedia & from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) 2011 GDP per capita (Gross Domestic Product) report. It reflects countries with lowest PPP (Purchasing Power Parity. Since the year 1970, there had been hopeful news from the developing countries.

Based on United Nations Human Development 2010 Report, the life expectancies in fast developing countries have increased massively. The school enrolments climbed from a great 55% – 70% for all primary as well as secondary schoolchildren. In addition, in recent 40 years, GDP per capita has doubled to over 10,000 dollars. Time has now come when poor countries constantly are trying to catch up with wealthier countries. However, not all make a fast progress. Hence, they still remain poor. I will list you few of them so that you will know what is the poorest country in the world?

1. Democratic Republic Of Congo

Per Capita GDP = $348

What Is The Poorest Country In The World

The answer to the question what is the poorest country in the world is right over here. It is none other than Democratic Republic of Congo. This is as per the records of 2010. This place was called Zaire until the year 1997. Now, Congo is one of the largest countries in the world, which holds French as its official language. D.R Congo’s population is about 6 million bigger than France’s population. The II Congo War during the year 1998 has shocked the country. This war involved 7 foreign powerful armies and is claimed to be one of the deadliest conflicts since II World War and its consequences had killed around 5.4-million people.

2. Liberia

Per Capita GDP = $456

The Poorest Country In The World

Next in the list of poorest countries in the world is Liberia. It is one among those fewer countries of Africa, which is not colonized by the Europe. As an alternative, Liberia was discovered & colonized by the freed slaves of America. The slaves made the elite for this country & even established a separate government, which closely resembled the US. In 1980, Liberia’s president was overthrown & then an instability and war period followed. These led to heavy disasters economically and even today around 85% of its population lives under $1 per day.

3. Zimbabwe

Per Capita GDP = $487

poorest countries in the world

The Zimbabwe’s government released its biggest bank note – $100-trillion bill issued during January 2009. Along with the economic issues, Zimbabwe’s life expectancy is claimed to be the lowest – men with 37 years and women with only 34 years. The major problem for early deaths is HIV & AIDS. Even now, health issues are not seeing any kind of improvement.

4. Burundi

Per Capita GDP = $615

What Is The Poorest Country In The World

Even you know that Burundi is popular for tribal & civil wars.  To be honest Burundi has never had a peaceful time and which makes it to the fourth poorest countries in the world. They have poor legal systems, landlocked geography, lack of financial freedom, no proper educational facilities, and of course not to miss the proliferation of AIDS and HIV.  Around 80% Burundians survive in poverty & according to World Food Program 57% of kids below 5 suffer chronic malnutrition.

5. Eritrea

Per Capita GDP = $735

What Is The Poorest Country In The World

Italian colonizers affected Eritrea during nineteenth century.  Eritrea’s benefit to control the sea routes through Suez Canal actually made Italians to colonize it right after the canal’s opening in 1869.  The current Eritrea’s economic condition hasn’t improved & gross domestic growth averaged only 1.2%.

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