What Is The Biggest Fish In The World? – Its Really Big!

what is the biggest fish in the world

This post gives a detailed answer to the question what is the biggest fish in the world. Without wasting much time of yours, let me get to the point. Read on.

What Is The Biggest Fish In The World?

what is the biggest fish in the world

The answer to the question what is the biggest fish in the world is right over here. It is none other than the “WHALE SHARK”.

Something About “Whale Sharks” To Know

Whale Sharks can easily grow about 40-feet long & weigh 20-tons on an average. On the other hand, few whale sharks have been found to be more than 40 meters with a maximum of 40 tons. The whale sharks are extremely carnivorous. However, they are not liable to take nibble of any unwary surfer. These whale sharks usually filter plankton with the help of their huge mouths when swimming at sea’s surface. Do not be that scared because a whale shark is usually friendly with people. In fact, they often swim along with people.

On the other hand, the second biggest fish in the world is basking shark, which is filter feeder. Now, the biggest confirmed shark was around 41.5-feet in length and weighed around 47,000 pounds. Even though the sailors claim that, they’ve seen some sharks even larger.

A whale shark is the biggest non-whale animal in this world & its gigantic size puts it in a standard with dinosaurs. A whale shark is a very vulnerable species & in spite of conservation efforts, this almost a school-bus-sized creature continues to be poached and hunted in few Asian countries. In spite of its incredible size & intimidating appearance, a whale shark is commonly docile as well as approachable. However, it is good to maintain little distance to give them space and respect they deserve.

A whale shark can grow up to 12.2meters & as said earlier can even weigh to a maximum of 40-tons as far as the estimates are concerned. The biggest whale shark ever reported was around 20 meters in length but it’s rare to see the ones that are 12 meters or even longer these days.

How Long Do Whale Sharks Live?

These whale sharks have a very broad and flat head with shorter snouts. Their backs truly have a very interesting yellow, grey and white checkerboard pattern. Yet another mystery associated with them is that their life span is still unknown. Nevertheless, scientists say a whale shark can live about 60 to 100 years. A whale shark is found in almost all the warm-temperate and tropical seas across the globe. The preferred water temperatures for a whale shark to live are around 20 to 25°C.

What Do They Consume?

A whale shark eats small organisms mostly. These usually include schooling fish, squids and plankton, which they take from water while swimming with meter-long mouths & specialized teeth.

The scientists are trying to still puzzle out their behavior and migration. These are like gentle giants. Whale sharks, as said earlier live mainly in warmer tropical waters & make use of their inbuilt filters for feeding. However, there are few evidences, which show that they usually take longer migratory trips to colder as well as deeper waters in a year.

Mating & Reproduction

Whale sharks have never ever been noticed mating / giving birth. This is really strange. However, scientists have made out that it gives to its live young (eggs hatch out within mother’s body). A female whale shark stores sperm & gives birth to a live shark pup the entire year.


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