Ways to Remove Unwanted Hair

Put aside some feminism when it comes to body hair – I personally think that regardless of gender, we all need to look good and keep the hair in their places, in check. And of course, having a perfectly smooth skin is what we always dream of hence the development of hair laser removal instead of regularly shaving and waxing the bits, including hair that you don’t want other people to see.

We all born with having tiny hair follicles all over the body (that’s why you can see babies have tiny and smooth-looking hair called ‘vellus’) that will eventually produce thicker and longer tresses as we get older, depending on the genetic pattern that we have. The problem that can be from annoying to somewhat embarrassing, is the hair that are not really supposed to exist, like women having facial hair.

So many factors that can associate with hair that goes in the wrong place (in regards to today’s standards) of your body.

While we can’t help if it comes from genetic and hormone related issue where you tend to have more male hormone than you supposed to (known as testosterone; hence thicker, coarser hair that cover more areas of the skin); having certain disease like polycystic ovary syndrome may also be the reason (the eggs produce male hormones unnecessarily).

Yes, even certain medication may trigger the existed hair follicles to produce hair where they’re not supposed to, like Dilantin or prednisone. If it does, you might want to talk to your doctor to prescribe another mix of medications that won’t stimulate the hair follicles at all.

Traditional methods for removing unwanted hair calls for shaving, plucking, or the latest ones like hair removal creams (works by breaking the bond of the hair follicles), whichever works for you and the downside of these approaches is they’re not permanent (for shaving, you only remove the hair at the surface of the skin) and the hair will eventually grow back, sometimes thicker than before.

Plus, let’s not talk about the pain and the itch that accompanies these methods, what more with the chances of having ingrown hairs after shaving?

The latest method, is using a special topical cream called Vaniqa, that works by inhibiting hair growth process, though the method is not really permanent since like shaving, they don’t work through the root of your hair. Hence the hair will grow back eventually, after you stop using the cream.

For quicker, thorough and effective hair removal, electrolysis and laser hair removal is the way to go, with electrolysis can be used in small area while laser hair removal is for larger area. The downside; it’s expensive, though by calculating them in the long term you’ll be surprised how much it really cost for your hair problems.

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