Trending In Plastic Surgery, Are You In To?


Trending does come and go and it applies to plastic surgery, you know. Long ago, this type of surgery was reserved for older (and with loads of cash) people want to look younger and not the other way around. Nowadays the table has been turned and even women as young as in their teenage years may have undergone one or two invasive procedures. I kid you not, you can have a look at the statistic among Korea women and I bet you’d be surprised. So, what’s really ‘now’ when it comes to plastic surgery?

To put in a one short sentence – we’ll see bigger and rounder buttocks and not bigger boobs, unlike before.

What makes surgery is appealing to a lot of women is they can produce near instant results if you can afford it. Comparing with other procedures for the same purposes (say, anti-aging and reducing wrinkles), Botox is still on top of the list compared with dermal fillers and lasers. Plus, the procedure has been going on for some time now, making the whole process easier and certainly affordable to us.

Seems like women are opting to get themselves a bigger, rounder butt through augmentation procedure at a whopping 80%, though it’s certainly doesn’t mean we want the rear ends to look like either Nicki or Kim; a nice shape that still pops is what they love to have. It’s not surprising as we already admired Ms. Lopez’s for some time, not to mention looking at the number of followers for Jen Selter’s Instagram.

And unlike before you’d see the trend in the breast augmentation procedure where women opt for bigger breasts (the bigger, the better) it seems like they prefer smaller, proportionate ones that we can call it as breast revisions (up to 30%), likely due to women having the procedure before, and want to replace their older implants with smaller ones, as well as switching to silicone from saline.

Fat removal procedure is still on top of the list for some time, with liposuction is on top, but non-surgical procedures like CoolSculpting is rising (and they’re rising fast) at 42%, mainly due to their non-invasive approach that makes them appealing them plunging a tube to suck out the fats. You can expect the number to rise up even more after the FDA approves ATX, a fat reduction, especially for the chin area to reduce the double chin effect.

As for aesthetic-related procedure, the decrease can be seen in invasive procedures like Botox and dermal fillers, possibly due to injection fatigue, as women who have had these procedures seems to reluctant for getting back for the shot refills and prefer to use other methods instead. Still, it’s reduced to 1.5% so I’d say it’s not statistically significant.

Which procedure that makes you tick? And guess what, the newest trend, is having your doctor to make you look like, in Instagram, by showing them the pictures.

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