Top 11 Places To See In New York City

places to visit in new york city

Whenever it comes to holiday or vacation, the one place people want to head to, is none other than “New York”. Obviously, with great nightlife, parks, huge buildings, nature and much more to see around, you are certainly going to have extreme fun. If you are planning for an ultimate trip then you must be aware of some of the best places to see in New York City. Read to know

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11 Best Places To Visit In New York City


places to visit in new york city

1. Statue of Liberty

Obviously, this had to top the list of things to see in New York City. Well, this is something that hits people’s mind when we say the word “New York”. This iconic attraction has been sometimes called Lady Liberty. A quick climb into the crown gives a great panoramic sight of the New York Harbor & even a chance to look at the accurate details of Bartholdi’s creation.

2. Ellis Island

This island is exactly where the New York’s history began. In fact, this is one of the best places to see in New York City. You can hang around freely over here and even enjoy that ferry ride. This Ellis Island’s Immigration Museum can be the most astounding showcase on American history.

3. Empire State Building

Empire State Building at New York is truly a fascinating icon. Tourists from around the world just come here to look at Empire State Building. Over here, you will see observation deck wherein you can have an entire look of the city.

4. Metropolitan Art Museum

This museum is said to be the world’s best art museums. Popular displays embrace ancient African arts, the Oceania, America’s permanent compilation & Egyptian Art sets, which contains over 36,000 ancient items.

5. Guggenheim Museum

Frank Lloyd Wright exclusively designed this building. It was constructed as a sequence of spirals destined to look like an upturned pyramidal temple. In addition, it also has precious permanent collection, which is devoted to creative works done right during 19th century until present.

6. Madame Tussaud Wax Museum

When it comes to the best places to visit in New York City, Wax museum is something I wouldn’t miss writing about. This renowned museum features amazing wax replicas of some legendary historical figures.

7. Coney Island

Just take a trip to the Coney Island, which is at southernmost tip in Brooklyn. You will see Astroland Fun Park, which is well known for the birthright of hot dogs and roller coasters. Moreover, Coney Island is been home to the very last left over wooden coasters at U.S. known as ‘Cyclone.’

8. Central Park

This great place at New York is something you need to spend your little time at. It would be extremely fascinating if you are a nature lover or history buff. Take free tours offered by Central Park’s Conservancy. This 843-acre massive public spot includes a glimpse of the Central Park designers’ achievements. They are none other than Calvert Vaux and Fredrick Law Olmsted.

9. Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge used to be one of the tallest buildings of North America in the year 1883 when it was first opened. If you are here at this city, don’t miss taking a stroll at this pedestrian walkway & at the same time capture that ultimate Manhattan view from the most beautiful Wall Street.

10. Times Square

The Broadway theaters & vast amount of LED signs and animated neon lights have made the Times Square as one of the city’s iconic images. It is the city’s only neighborhood incorporating zoning ordinances.

11. Yankee Stadium

This is popular for baseball legends like Roger Clemens & Babe Ruth. Never miss to see the dugouts, press box, Monument Park and clubhouse.

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