Taking Care Of Your Skin, Holistic Style


If you’re clicking this link to read the piece, then you’re a very lucky gal. Not many of us know of these tricks in taking care of your skin. Only these tips are not actually new – these are ayurvedic practices dating back as far as 3,000 years. Although lacking in scientific evidence, countless ayurvedic advocates and holistic health doctors believe that these tips work for your health. Read on to know what kind of skin routine that you can do.

Eye palming, the kind of eye massage that is helpful to reduce puffiness, eye bags, wrinkles, and even dark circles! Natural heat and pressure generated from your hands will help to rest optic nerve, muscles, and blood vessels, as well as relieving tensions from the eye.

All you need to do is simply rubbed your palms together until they feel slightly warm and cup the fingers over the eyelid while resting the heel of your palms on the cheekbones (keep your eyes closed during this). Breathe deeply for a couple of minutes.

Ever wondered how you tend to develop a lot of cystic acne that just won’t go away? The likely cause is you may be suffering from sinusitis, where the germs residing in the sinus area breed and causing you troubles, namely allergies, congestion, irritations, as well as, cystic acne.

A treatment known as Neti Pot, it helps you to clear out nasal passages from everyday irritants like germs, mucus, dust, and pollen, hence the amount of microbes in sinus will be reduced significantly. A clear sinus is also mean a clear visage and plus, preventing the nose from frequent irritation will also help to prevent from puffy eyes and dark circles.

A healthy diet and lifestyle is stressful a lot when it comes to your skin’s wellbeing in a holistic way – as what’s going on with your skin is what’s actually happening in your body. For example, establishing a regular bedtime (with at least 7 hours of sleep), and get to sleep by 10pm as afterwards it’s believed to disrupt your body’s internal clock and balance.

A regular facial and foot massage (known as Padabhyanga) is also necessary to improve the overall condition of your health, hence improving your skin. Your skin is interlinked with each other via nerve ending and blood vessels.

Simple devote yourself a couple minutes before hitting the bed will improve the whole appearance greatly (and not to mention, helps serum and night creams to absorb easier!)l use firm, circular motion beginning from chin and move upwards to forehead (linger a while on the jaw line and cheeks) to stimulate lymphatic drainage.

As for the feet, I recommend a soak before a foot massage (infused with essential oils) to warm the skin and using kneading motion to work out the muscle from the ankle towards the toes.

Give it a go and you’ll be surprised how your complexion improves a lot than before. I’ve tried it and it works wonders and so should you!

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