Skincare Combinations You Should Avoid!

This Shouldn’t Get Mixed!

While on the journey to get the most flawless and baby-like skin you can think off, keep in mind of this extremely important lists of a combination of products that only makes the other renders ineffective or, making you skin worse than ever. So which product is not supposed to wear together and why? Read on to find out more and safe your skin from unfortunate events.

Okay, I’ll admit that I used to commit these sins as well. Who didn’t – you’ve at least 5 different skin issues and you want to repair them at the same time. Hence it can be hard to not pile of different products, layer by layer onto your skin. For example:

Retinol and waxing (shaving included) will only make your skin raw and itchy like hell. Retinol is anti-aging element essential to encourage your skin to renew itself and boost collagen production with minor downsides such as your skin a bit fragile after using it and vulnerable to tearing – now why would torture yourself with a shot of waxing to the skin? The hot wax will only make the affected area ooze blood even more.

If you do need to wax, simply stop using retinol up to a week before the appointment saves a lot of tears.

Hyaluronic acid is capable to hold moisture 1000 times its weight and making your skin extremely hydrated and supple. If you apply facial oil underneath the acid, guess what? You’re not getting the benefits of the Hyaluronic acid with oil, at all – the acid can’t get into the skin! The oil will act as a barrier preventing the water or moisture from the acid from working its magic – now that’s what I call a waste. Simply reverse the order by applying the acid first and see how your skin will reap the benefits all the better.

Another rookie mistake when using retinol is with acne products (like benzoyl peroxide) will only spell raw, blistering red skin afterwards. Both ingredient works in a similar way such as stimulating skin renewal (although for different purposes) hence will cause too much stimulation for your skin. My recommendation will be using them separately, with benzoyl underneath a day cream, while retinol during the night to minimize any side effects mentioned before.

And yes, the same case also happens if you use retinol and chemical peels  – ask your good doctor what kind of preparation do you need before a peel session, and different strength for the procedure.

I’ve never thought of this, but combining toner with retinol also spells a waste of money as retinol is more than capable enough to do what a toner can – with better results. If you start using retinol, simply skip the toner routine will be beneficial for your skin (and avoid any likeliness of skin irritation).

Now we know the combination of this that shouldn’t never be combined in the first place, you can rest assured that your skin will look better with less irritation in no time.

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