Precautions before Vampire Facial

Precautions before Vampire Facial

Until now I still wonder who invented the name ‘vampire facial’ when the term platelet-rich-plasma sounds more nurturing and promising. But nevertheless, this treatment is buzzing with women seeking more natural approach to rejuvenate their skin, without adding other kinds of ingredients to their skin – when they’ll be using good stuff directly from their skin! But before you book yourself a treatment, why not read this piece on essential precautions before getting one?

Okay, the basics; the treatment is originally known as Selphyl with the nickname ‘vampire facial’ comes from the fact that your doctor will draw blood (containing rich plasma) within the tissues and after a couple of process, injects them back into your skin.

As the plasma is rich and containing growth factors, the treatment works by stimulating your skin to start its own healing mechanism, stem cells, and collagen production – hence, a youthful and lively-looking (and certainly not pale, bluish hue like a Dracula would) skin. The treatment is quite appealing because you’ll be using your own platelet and the price is quite reasonable (varied, depending on the area that you want to be treated).

As the treatments uses your own ‘stuff’, the treatment can be considered safe and nearly all adults is a perfect candidate to get this treatment – both for improving and repairing any imperfections on you case.

And not to worry, the pain is quite minor and you can get yourself some numbing cream if you like – one beauty blogger describe the pain akin to pinpricked sensation (which means that platelets are starting to mix themselves with surrounding tissue), but I’m guessing the pain is very much depending on the area as the blogger is getting treatment within her eye area. Nevertheless, comparing with other treatments, the side effects are quite minor, coupled with speedy recovery.

Take note though, if you have certain condition related with blood disorders such as thrombocytopenia, platelet dysfunction syndromes, or even if you’re anti-coagulant therapy you’re not advice to do this treatment – take note that your doctor should ask these questions first before jumping straight to this treatment.

These conditions are quite important as it can produce serious error if left ignored. I mean, the treatment deals with blood and if you have disorders, its unlikely the treatment will produces the results that you need.

And unlike other treatments you need to give yourself some time before the results kicks in – at the beginning your face will look swollen and the eyes may bulge as the result of injected platelets, which it will subside within a couple of days. It’s highly recommended that you bring and wear a pair of sunglasses beforehand (unless you want strangers to stop and stare at you), as well as to sleep on your back, as much as possible to keep the injected fluids in place to work their magic.

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