Planning A Wedding On A Budget With 4 Ultimate Tips

how to plan a wedding on a budget

Wedding is of course one of the most memorable moments of a couple but it doesn’t mean it has to be posh. As long as you two enjoy, everything is valuable. Hence, spending almost a fortune on a wedding isn’t a good idea though. There are many ways to enjoy the precious day without spending much. With this article, I will help you give some vital tips and make you aware how you should be planning a wedding on a budget. Read on.

How To Plan A Wedding On A Budget?

how to plan a wedding on a budget

As soon as the wedding day nears, it gets really hectic and so is your budget. Now, weddings don’t have to be very expensive though. You can easily save cash through few ways. A wedding requires 3 important things: bride, groom & an officiant. Rest is optional. Now, keeping this in mind let me list you few tips to save cash.

1. The Guest list

One of the easiest ways to slash down your wedding budget is through a guest list. I understand that your wedding is one of your life’s biggest celebrations but don’t have to spend lavishly right just to boast in front of your guests? Now, do you have to really invite your business associates? It is the occasion between you and your partner along with the 2 happy family joining hands with each other. Now, you are not going to get a hike if you don’t invite them. May be one or two closed colleagues would be enough. Far relatives, far family friends whom you haven’t even met since years don’t have to be included in the list. Keep the guest list with ones, who are close to you. This is only when you want to have a wedding according to your budget.

2. The Flowers

When it comes to the question how to plan a wedding on a budget, flowers is something I would love to write about. I see people spending lavishly on some of the most expensive flowers. Now, let me ask you – is this really necessary? I mean yeah flowers are important for the wedding but even you know that they are going to wither away within sometime. So, why spend on expensive flowers when you can get cheaper ones? Stick to seasonal flowers than the ones that aren’t. This will help you save huge money. On the other hand, consider buying flowers in bulk and get seasonal variations than to one.

3. The Wedding Dress

Wedding planning on a budget list requires you making a quick note of this tip. Now, when it comes down to dress, women out there just go crazy and spend huge cash just to get that beautiful frock. You don’t have to spend a fortune just for a dress. There are few alternate ways to spend less and still flaunt with the most gorgeous dress (even including designer ones). Make a quick search at some second stores or even check online on websites like craigslist and eBay. When you can get some exclusive wedding gowns for cheaper prices then why buy an expensive one? It doesn’t make sense.

4. The Music

Now the one common thing people often do during weddings is hiring a DJ. Then what are iPods and iPhones there for? You can be your own DJ when you have a gadget with you. Just sort out few nice songs and then add to a separate playlist. Connect with the speakers, play and have fun. It saves good sum that you give for DJ. In fact, this approach is getting very popular these days.

I hope you have now understood the ways of planning a wedding on a budget.

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