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How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars Quickly? – 8 You Should Be Trying

Acne and the scars left by them are truly very embarrassing and painful. Scars usually fade as time passes but if you have almost lost your patience and wondering how to get rid of acne scars quickly then these tips can help you. Read on

How Do You Get Rid Of Acne Scars?

how do you get rid of acne scars

For a flawless skin, just follow the below listed tips.

1. Stay Away From Sunlight
Sunlight easily worsens the acne condition. Exposing the scars onto sunlight directly can cause further darkening. Moreover, it also slows the entire healing process. It is due to the ultraviolet rays. UV rays stimulate the pigment-producing cells known as “Melanocytes”. It further leads to discoloration. Hence, whenever you go out – cover up your face. Make use of a high quality sunscreen that has SPF-30 / even higher. Unless, it is really required, don’t step out on a sunny day.

2. Use Cucumber Juice
Fresh cucumber juice is the best way to get rid of acne scars. Cucumber is well admired for its skin lightening properties. Just grate little cucumber or chop them into tiny pieces and grind them with your mixer. Apply this liquid directly on your scars. Massage your face gently with it for 10 minutes and leave it for some time so that your skin soaks up all the nutrients. Concentrate more at the acne spots. Do this regularly and you will soon see them disappearing.

3. Use Freshly Grated Potato
When it comes to the question how to get rid of acne scars fast, this tip truly works. Just like cucumber, even a potato has great brightening properties. It is rich in starch as well as fiber, which in turn makes your skin bright. It is also used on dark circles. Just grate little potato and apply them directly on your acne scars. Do this regularly and you will soon see them vanishing.

4. Don’t Squeeze Them
Squeezing is not the right answer for the question how do you get rid of acne scars. Scars contain collagen. Now, when you try squeezing them, it further leads to injury & skin inflammation. It also leads to discoloration & scarring. When you try squeezing it, the pus as well as bacteria that is there inside oozes out. It spreads to other skin parts. This in turn again forms pimples. The infection multiples and so is your scars.

5. Don’t Touch Them Often
Honestly speaking this tip might sound very easy but actually it isn’t. Humans often wipe their lips, scratch the eyes just to relieve itches whenever it urges. The count of how frequently you touch your face per day is shocking. Every now and then people touch their face and play with their hairs. When you have pimples and acne scars -- often touching them leads to further infection.

6. Avoid Applying Makeup
People frequently wash their face to stay away from acne and those horrible scars but very aggressively give a way to acne problems by applying makeup. Avoid using makeup is the actually the best way to get rid of acne scars.

7. Drink Lemon Juice
Squeeze out a fresh lemon in a glass with water. Now, drink this every morning. Lemons are high in vitamin-C. It minimizes your dark scars.

8. Moisturize Daily
Oily skin does not mean that you do not have to use a moisturizer at all. No, instead, you require moisturizing it each day after a bath. Make use of a good quality moisturizer that has good proportions of vitamin E for the reason that this nutrient works on something, which is dark. Vitamin-E helps in skin lightening and ensures that there are no clogged pores.


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