Making Your Face Slimmer Without A Knife

Worried that your face looks ever so puffy and/or sagging than before? I know that feeling as it happens, a lot as stressful life, coupled with not-so-good diet can really put havoc on one’s face. Read here now to know how you can give a little ‘trim’ to your face and rejuvenate them with these simple steps, called yoga facial exercises.

Yoga facial exercises combines’ specific movement of facial exercise with yoga technique to train facial muscles to massage internally the tissue, detoxing from bad stuff accumulated over time, to smooth over wrinkles, giving off some healthy glow, boost collagen production, as well as creating a slimmer appearance of your face.

And you can truly trust that it works: it’s one of the beauty secrets of Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston.

The good thing about facial yoga exercises is you can practically do it just about anywhere, anytime as you please. Be discreet though, the facial expression created from this workout can make people cringe, so I strongly recommend that you do it somewhere you can be in peace and solitude. And keep in mind though; you need to be gentle with your skin when working it out to avoid hurting your skin unnecessarily.

To train in the area around the eyes and mouth, make an exaggerated version of ‘O’, so that the upper lip feels stretched. Look up at the same time. Stay in this position for 10 seconds and do it twice. This workout will improve overall circulation, detoxing, and eventually sharpen the jaw line.

To get rid of puffy skin, simply open your mouth wide, stretching the mouth and tongue as far as possible (we know, you probably think it’ll look like Miley) just like the routine mentioned above, look up as far as you can go, and hold the position for 10 seconds, repeat twice. For a smooth forehead, simply opened up your eyes as hard as possible (kind like bulging them) for 10 seconds, also repeat it twice.

Smooth over Crow’s feet surrounding eye area by massaging both of your palms starting from cheeks and moving upward towards the outer eye area. And to sharpen the jaw line, simply stuck your tongue and pointing the tips of tongue upward as far as you can at the same time tilt the head back to the max, and hold the position for 10 seconds.  Repeat twice for this position.

Get yourself a mirror and practice these steps for a few times in a week and expect a firmer, youthful skin resurfaced in just a few days!

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