Looking Like A Sun-Goddess On Your Wedding Day


Seriously, looking like a sun-goddess should not be limited to a beach-body look as you can look as gorgeous on your wedding day. Getting that healthy, natural glow is possible and right here is the tips (covering all the basics, we might add) that you can try out for your big day – you might want to this at least two weeks prior the date.

First things first; selecting your shade – you want a color that complements well with your skin tone and hair color, not looking like extreme Japanese girls in Ginza (super orangey fake tan with bleached blonde hair, complete with 5-inch boots). The rule is to choose two shades darker than your natural tone for a noticeable, yet subtle shade.

If you’re unsure, ask directly from a professional to help you making a correct choice (last thing you need is look like a young lobster on your big day).

Get the tan ready at hand and prepare your body for it! Prepping the skin is essential to make the colors stays put and longer. Soak yourself in a hot bath to open up the pores and scrub yourself well to purge out dead skin cells – creating a smooth canvas for the color to adhere too, without bumps. Shaving your skin also helps so do that if need arises.

Half of the battle is to know what kind of application that you need or suitable for your skin. Getting the job done in a salon, complete with spray tan booths saves a lot of time and hassle but doing it yourself is also a good idea – tanning mists or self-tanners can be done in the comfort of your home to see your natural skin tan and glowing.

While you’re on this special routine of tanning, keep in mind this post-op tips to help the color stays put and vibrant for longer: frequently wear loose fitting clothes so the colors won’t be affected (and creating more hassle if there are streaks – yikes!). Stay out of water for the first 12 hours after application, the same thing also applies to shaving and exfoliating.

Lather yourself with moisturizer day in day out to keep the skin supple. Should you have some blotches or darker color, buff them with mild exfoliator on that spot gently to tone down the color.

There, these tips weren’t that hard to get it done, right? Follow these tips religiously and I’m sure you’ll get that sun-kissed skin, perfect for your wedding day.

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