List Of Endangered Species – 5 That Are Going To Be Extinct Soon

endangered species list

Mother Nature has always been kind to humans but sadly, we have failed in maintaining our natural beauty. We humans have always been cruel to what naturally exists. Whether its plants, trees, oceans, animals, birds, seas, marine animals – we have been cruel to them in most of the ways. Talking about the most beautiful creatures in the world – “Animals”, well after being constantly hunted and killed for out selfish needs, they are soon disappearing. It will be no wonder when we will hardly have elephants to see. Once, they used to be in huge numbers but regular poaching has made them endangered. There will be time when our upcoming generations will see them in internet and videos but not in real. Through this article, I am going to tell you some list of endangered species in this world. Take a look.

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Endangered Species List – 5 To Read About

1. Northern White Rhino

Left: Only 7

List Of Endangered Species

Topping the list of endangered species in this world is none other than a northern white rhino. There are only 7 left. Quite shocking is it? Obviously, when those cruel poachers keep killing them, it is no surprise to have a single digit count population of this species. The sad thing about white rhino is that out of these 7, 6 are female rhinos (which have already exceeded the breeding age) and only 1 is male. Hence, there is no chance of reproducing and we will no longer be able to see them. These 7 rhinos are well protected by security guards 24*7 from poachers.

2. Amur Leopard

Left: Only 35

endangered species list

Next in the endangered animals list is an Amur leopard. Poaching is still been continued for Amur Leopards these days and they are not safe. They are mainly killed for furs. Human desires are never going to end. It is only the innocent creatures that are killed every single day. There were times when poachers killed hundreds of these leopards just to trade and sell them at the black market for huge money.

3. Javan Rhino

Left: Only 44

endangered animals list

Taking third place in the endangered species list is none other than a Javan Rhino. It is shocking to know that there are only 44 left now. These rhinos are often hunted for their precious horns. Since they some medicinal value in China, it makes great price hit for the poachers. A kilogram of these horns makes over $30000 in the black market. You will see these rhinos mostly in Vietnam & Indonesia.

4. Brown Spider Monkey

Left: Only 60

List Of Endangered Species

Next in the list of endangered species is none other than a brown spider monkey. It is shocking to know that even these are hunted. It has gone so far that only 60 are remaining now. These monkey breeds are known for long limbs, which helps them in climbing & swinging big trees. They have the most flexible tail and at the same time so strong that it can easily hang down with its mere tail grip.

5. Siberian Tiger

Left: Only 300 – 350

List Of Endangered Species

Man has endless desires and for our selfish needs, we end up hurting the innocents and harmless creatures. Siberian tigers have become so extinct that once which used to be in thousands has now dropped down to only 300 – 350 Siberians. This count is extremely shocking. Moreover, it has even been anticipated that by the time its 2050, Siberians will go 100% extinct. Wondering why? Because man will be still carrying out his deadly and illegal practices on them. Humans’ awful activities (like forest destruction, killing, poaching and hunting) have cruelly reduced the population of Siberian tigers. The sad thing is that even after those protection plans established by government officials & non-government sectors, poachers continue with their cruel practices still.

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