How To Update My Android Phone? – 5 Little Steps To Finish The Process

How To Update My Android Phone

If you have an android smart phone then you might realize how important a software update is. Now, updates for smart phones or tablets are exciting events. Updates generally bring advanced functionality and features. Moreover, it gives you increased performance. If you are wondering how to update my android phone then you have landed at the right spot. Read on

How To Update Your Android Phone?


How To Update My Android Phone

Generally, your smart phone will immediately notify whenever there is an update available. However, there may be delay in such information. To know if there is an update available or not, you need to be acquainted with few things. Just owning an android phone is not enough. You will have to update with the latest version in the market. As soon as you update the phone with latest OS, you will see better feel, interface and performance. Your gadget starts working far better.

The update for any android device is available generally accessible OTA (Over-The-Air). This literally means that your smart phone doesn’t requires any of the USB cables or laptop or desktop. You can update everything right from your smart phone. All you need is a good mobile operator with enhanced speed. Even though you get notifications automatically onto your phone, there is another way to manually check for updates. The interface & possibly the method will vary from an android device to the other but overall it is all the same. However, now I will be explaining you some systematic answers on how to update my android phone.

5 Steps To Check For Android Updates

Before trying to make your device update with the latest version, you will have to initially check with the current version that is running in your phone. You may already have latest version.

1. Good To Take A Backup

The initial step on how to update android phone is none other than to take a back up of all your songs, images, contacts and other files required. There are chances for the device to crash while updating the phone but it rarely happens. For safer side, it is good to have a backup.

2. Go To Settings

how to update android phone

The next step is to enter into settings present in the menu option. This is right in your Home screen. Android updates typically can be accessible through device itself. However, there are few exceptions like downloading update via Samsung Kies onto your computer if you own a Samsung device. The updates automatically happen on Kies and this is only when there is update available while connecting your device with the PC via USB.

3. Scroll To The Option “About Phone”

How To Update My Android Phone

The “About Phone” option is located in the Settings list at the bottom. If you own a tablet, then you will have the option, as “About tablet” or else it will be “About Phone”. Tap this option so that it open ups the device information.

4. Choose The Option “Software Update”

how to update your android phone

After you get inside the “About Phone” screen, you will see the “Software Update” option. Click on it. Now your android device looks for possible updates. If it is there then it will display all the details of latest version else it doesn’t. The update availability for any android phone is absolutely dependent on the manufacturer of the device and the service provider for your mobile. If there is update available, then it further asks you if you want to update it. Click ok or yes and the process starts. The files you update are really huge. Hence, it is advised to do it through WIFI.

5. Click Restart And Install

How To Update My Android Phone

The final step on how to update my android phone is to restart your device to install your latest software.

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