How To Transfer Files From PC To PC? – 4 Neat Approaches To Know

How To Transfer Files From Pc To PC

The moment you buy a new PC or laptop, the one thing you will do after this transfer files from another. This often makes you wonder how to transfer files from PC to PC. If this is something that is running in your head right now then this article is something you require reading.

How To Transfer Files From PC To PC?


How To Transfer Files From Pc To PCAs soon as you get a brand new PC – you will require transferring files from your friend’s PC or your existing one. Keep only the important stuff. Say for example few documents one is working on still and few applications. It doesn’t matter what you plan to keep, we techies always have one thing in common – “we want the process to be fast”. We can’t wait for that transfer. So, how should you be transferring files from pc to pc? Well, there are different methods to do it. Let me clearly explain you how.

1. Make Use Of External Storage Medium

One of the most standard ways of data backup these days is none other than via USB stick. If not, people at least use CDs & DVDs. A better alternative is an external hard drive, which helps in connecting over USBs. These merge crazy speed along with unbelievable storage. Now, there are 3 back-up patterns one can follow. The easiest one is to make categorical folders and then drop your respective files in them. These usually include movies, documents, pictures, applications & so on. After copying them in your USB drives, you can easily transfer to the other PC. On the other hand, if you are extremely lazy to even take a backup then what are backup suites created for? These will automatically do the job for you. There is no manual work required. These suites are particularly helpful if you wish doing regular back-ups (say ever 2 weeks).

2. Share Over A LAN

One can even utilize his or her existing home networks for transfer files from PC to PC, given that 2 systems have to be connected. Speed varies ‘incredibly fast’ to ‘damn slow’ with wireless one. Primarily, you will require enabling the share option of hard drive. If you have Mac OS, then just select the option System Preferences > Sharing & the rest of the process is obvious. Talking about Windows, the transferring process is pretty easy. Browse to the option My Computer > (make a right-click) on Properties onto the hard drive. Select Sharing tab, for this, you require enabling file sharing option on your folder.

3. Make Use Of A Transfer Cable

Yet another great answer to the question how to transfer files from PC to PC is none other than to use Easy Transfer cable. This application comes installed on many new Microsoft Windows OS. One of the best ways to use this program is by EasyTransfer cable (special double USB cable).

4. Connect To HDD Manually

The last way to connect and further transfer the files is by a manual operation. It is said to be a geeky way. In case, you do not have any external hard disk drive casing, then why not try making one? All you have to do is to take your old HDD out and utilize the correct connections. You will rapidly have it connected via USB onto your computer. Now, this particular approach has multiple benefits.

  • Speed is great
  • There isn’t much additional hardware required
  • Directly copy files from A – B

All you require is SATA – USB / IDE – USB adapter (based on HDD model). This can be purchased separately or jointly with external HD casing (this is even cheaper).

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