How To Repair Split Ends? – 6 Tips That Help

how to prevent split ends

We girlies always want our looks to be perfect. We apply the best foundations, great lip-gloss, perfume, nail paint and so on but what about your hairs? Even they need to be gorgeous right? Many women fail to care for their hair properly. It often goes dull, dry and finally ends with hair fall. Among all these comes the biggest problem – split ends. This often makes you wonder how to repair split ends? Are there any ways to fix them? Well, the answer is an absolute yes. You require being aware of few things. Read on.

How To Fix Split Ends?


how to prevent split ends

1. Try Egg Shampoo At Home

When it comes to the question how to prevent split ends, then experts recommend egg shampooing your hairs twice in a month. Your hairs will be stronger, longer and silkier. Say good-bye to split ends with this trick. For this remedy, all you require doing is take 1-ounce fresh rosemary, little hot water & 1 egg. You will have to steep the rosemary in hot water. This is for around 20 minutes and then allow it to thoroughly cool. As soon as it cools down, just beat the egg into it and massage the mixture onto your hairs. Keep it for 30 minutes and then rinse off. Finally, shampoo as usual with a mild product.

2. Be Gentle

Treat your hairs like expensive fabric & it will certainly last longer & look better. Make use of covered elastics only without any metal piece for tying hairs into a good ponytail. In case, you want that sleek look — then rely on some products such as gel. Finish it with little hairspray. This creates a smooth touch. Never ever do the mistake of pulling those hairs tightly. You have to be extremely gentle.

3. Trim Them Regularly

The next tip on how to repair split ends is certainly by trimming them regularly. This is one of the best ways to get rid of them literally. Regular trimming keeps your hairs not only without split ends but in well form too. Your hairs look perfectly shaped, lustrous and healthy but consider cutting them at a professional salon. It doesn’t matter as to what type of hair style or texture you have but experts suggest you to get a clear trim or cut at least once in every 6 to 8 weeks time.

4. Use A Good Leave-In Conditioner

Yet another great answer to the question how to fix split ends is none other by using good quality leave-in conditioner. Conditioners, which you just rinse off during showers, will do very little or sometimes nothing to your split ends. If you really want to treat them then it needs something extraordinary. This is where leave-in conditioners come in. They give extra protection and stays on your strands while you heat-style & go out your day.

5. Blow Dry Right

Always make use of nozzle on the dryers in order to control & direct airflow. You require drying your hairs through downward direction prior sectioning off & drying entirely with round brush. Now with this way, one spends less time.

6. Limit The Damaging Services

This is something really important to note down over here when it comes to treating split ends. In this modern era, celebs flaunting with their looks, even we want to do the same. We follow and try all those stuffs celebs do for their hairs but ask yourself is it really right? You actually damage your hairs to the core. Treatments like highlights, streaks, straightening, perms and hair coloring causes trauma, which can easily result split ends. Try limiting such things.

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