How To Prevent Hair Breakage? – 8 Exceptional Tips To Help

how to prevent hair breakage

Whether you possess curly, kinky or wavy hair, the 2 things we women always want them to be is: healthy and beautiful. However, one factor, which hinders healthy growth is none other than breakage. This often makes you depressed and stressed. You wonder how to prevent hair breakage? Here are few tips to healthy hairs to make you feel good. Check them out

How to Stop Hair Breakage?


how to prevent hair breakage

1. Pick A Hair Care Product That Is Natural

The initial tip on how to prevent hair breakage is none other than to choose your hair care product wisely. Even you are aware that today’s products have harmful chemicals, which easily damages the hairs to the core. The 2 common and harmful ingredients found in today’s products these days are

  • SLS = Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • SLES = Sodium Laureth Sulfate

These 2 chemicals can greatly damage your hair and scalp. Hence, avoid buying such products. Go for natural ones that have many natural ingredients and very less chemicals.

2. Trim Your Hairs Regularly

If you have hairs, it is common for the split ends to occur. To give it a nice healthy and lustrous look, trim them regularly. Tell your hair stylist (professional) that you’re trying to grow the hairs & you don’t wish them to be cut over ½-inch.

3. Minimize The Heat

You must minimize making use of those blow dryers, hot irons & washing your hairs often with hot water. This can easily damage your hair roots. Heat makes your hair dry and turns them brittle too. This easily results in stunted growth & further breakage. Prefer air-drying your tresses than artificial blow.

4. Moisturize Your Tresses

When it comes to effective hair breakage treatment, this tip is something you need to mark down. Moisturizing the hairs is one of the most essential parts and is necessary for sustaining healthy hair. Consider using a good quality leave-in-conditioner (comprising of natural ingredients). Never use conditioners that have harsh ingredients. Well-moisturized hairs are less vulnerable to breakage & dryness.

5. Tie The Hair Loose

Next tip on how to prevent hair breakage is none other than to tie up your hair very loose. There is no doubt, of how gorgeous you are going to appear with those fish braids, high ponytails and tight buns. But all these styles require tight pulling as well as pinning, which is not good for your hair. To prevent further hair damage, make sure to tie your hair loose and use hair-friendly rubber brands.

6. Evade Excessive Manipulation

Your hairs can easily break if you often brush, comb and wash. Don’t wash your hairs every day since this can easily make your hairs to lose the natural moisture it has. It further makes your hair brittle and dry.

7. Protect Them

Global warming is going largely these days. You might have heard stories of people being affected with skin problems. Harmful UV rays from sun not only affect your skin but also your hairs too. Hence, make it a point to protect your hairs as well whenever you step out. Excess exposure to salt water or chlorine and sunlight can make your hairs dry. This leads to further breakage. So, wear a scarf while out & swimming cap in pool.

8. Proper Nutrition

I would like to end this article with this good tip. Your external appearances are from what you are internally. This is none other than the food you eat. If that is healthy, your hairs, skin, face and nails will be healthy and glowing. But the moment you start disturbing your diet, you will see signs externally like

  • Dull skin
  • Hair fall
  • Weak nails
  • Tired eyes
  • Dark circles

Therefore, make it a point to eat natural and healthy foods. Stay away from junks and oily foods. Stay hydrated.

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