How To Make My Computer Faster? – 4 Tricks To Help

how do i make my computer faster

There are times when you want to transfer files from your PC to another or do some sort of jobs but you often see going down dead slow and turns out to be extremely frustrating. Such are the times when you wonder how to make my computer faster damn it? Is there any way? I mean why is this even happening? I can’t wait anymore… Well, do not worry since I am here to give you some great tips to speed up your personal computer. Read on.

Before I explain you the tips, let me explain you as to why your PCs slow down actually.


how do i make my computer fasterWhy Does A Computer Slow Down Actually?

Even though many computers slow down right after software installation but the major reason why a PC gets slower actually is that each year new software comes with bigger requirements. Say for example, Windows 98 OS required 24 MB memory & only 200 MB of HDD space while Windows 7 needs 2 GB memory & 20 GB HD space. 1 gigabyte is 1000 MB. Hence, within 10-years span, requirements for a computer have increased to 100 times.

This literally means that with no upgrading, a computer’s specifications do not change. Nevertheless, each year, the software wants resources that are more precious. Therefore, when you put in software onto a five-year-old PC, it will obviously slow down more. Users usually run with this issue when they clean their PC clean & reinstall the OS. Their PC will be extremely fast just like the day they purchased it. However, the moment when software is been installed, it slows down again.

How Do I Make My Computer Faster?

Now the question how can I make my computer faster is frequently asked by many users around the world. There are four things, which hardly take some minutes but makes a major difference the way a computer performs:

1. Clear The Cookies

Clearing the cookies & other temporary net data often really increases your PC and the way internet browsers respond. This trick will also fix multiple problems, which a user has with internet. Here is the link to clear the cookies with popular browsers.

2. Install A Good Antivirus

One of the major reasons for your PC to slow down is by harmful viruses. It is very important for you to install a good antivirus the moment you buy your PC. Running total security scans can help you eliminate all the dangerous viruses that put your PC at jeopardy. Set the scan to automatically perform every week so that there you don’t have to do it manually. In case, any malware or any other malicious programs are detected, then it certainly denotes that your PC has been infected. Thus, checking for such harmful programs once in a week definitely helps in keeping your computer clean and running efficiently.

3. Check For Updates

The next tip on how to make my computer faster is none other than to check for updates. This includes keeping the antivirus updated along with your operating system too. I see many people hit that “skip” / “remind later” option whenever their PCs prompts for an update installation. I recommend you to check for fresh updates few times every month since these updates helps in closing those security holes & also optimizes certain aspects in your OS.

4. Don’t Install Too Many Applications

The biggest boost to a PC’s performance is none other than by limiting the installs. Excess installed software certainly slows down your PC to the core. Therefore, never install a tool unless it is really required. I generally have only 3 to 4 important tools. These are at the start up and I run the tools that I need. Suppose you have installed 20+ software that automatically runs whenever your PC begins then it takes a massive time to boot.


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