How Many Calories Does A Banana Have?

how many calories are in a banana

This post gives you a clear answer to the question how many calories does a banana have. Well, let me not drag the conversation and get to the point immediately.

How Many Calories Are In A Banana?


how many calories are in a banana

The answer to the question how many calories is a banana actually varies. The calorie proportions seen inside differ based on its variety and size.

  • A single small sized banana contains around 80-calories
  • A single medium sized banana contains around 103-calories
  • A single bigger size banana contains around 120-calories

Since that you are now aware as to how many calories does a banana have, let me move onto the next section.

Why Should You Eat A Banana?

A banana isn’t only for monkeys. If you had been thinking this then change it because there are many benefits of eating them. Let me list you one by one

  1. A banana helps in overcoming depression because of its higher tryptophan levels
  2. Eating 2 bananas before your strenuous workout can help you sustain good energy punch.
  3. It helps in sustaining blood sugar level.
  4. It protects you against the muscle cramps while workouts & leg cramps at nighttime.
  5. It counteracts against the loss of calcium during urination
  6. It helps in building stronger bones.
  7. A banana helps in improving your mood & reduces PMS symptoms
  8. It helps in regulating blood sugar & produces stress-relieving hormones.
  9. It reduces swelling and even protects you against the type-II diabetes
  10. It is one of the best foods that help you lose weight fast
  11. It strengthens your nervous system
  12. It helps in producing WBCs (White Blood Corpuscles)
  13. It strengthens your blood & relieves anemia since its rich in iron.
  14. It is rich in potassium & lower in salt
  15. It helps in lowering high blood pressure
  1. It helps in effective functioning of digestive system
  2. It is rich in pectin, which helps them in eliminating harmful toxins & heavy metals out from body.
  3. It effectively helps in absorbing some nutrients inside the body.
  4. It helps in constipation too. Since they are rich in fibers, it helps in normalizing bowel motility.
  5. It helps in restoring the lost electrolytes following diarrhea.
  6. It is natural antacid and this is the reason why it relieves you from heartburn, GERD and acid reflux.
  7. It helps in relieving stomach ulcers
  8. It helps in preventing the harmful kidney cancer
  9. It helps in defending against the macular degeneration
  10. It helps in building up stronger bones by just increasing the calcium absorption.
  11. It helps in making you smarter.
  12. It helps in making your brain active and alert
  13. It is a great antioxidant, offering free radicals & protection from some chronic disease
  14. Consuming a banana in between your meals assists in stabilizing the blood sugar level
  15. It reduces nausea during morning sickness.
  16. The peel of a banana is extremely useful too. Just rub the inside of its peel onto your teeth to eliminate yellow stains. If you have any bug bites, then just rub the peel over it to relieve irritation and itching.
  17. It helps in controlling blood sugar
  18. It controls binge eating
  19. It helps in lowering down body temperature
  20. It helps in cooling your fever down
  21. It is a natural mood-enhancer. It helps in relieving SAD = Seasonal Affective Disorder
  22. A banana is rich in B-Vitamins too. This is the reason they help a person to quit smoking faster

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