How Do You Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Naturally?

how do you get rid of bed bugs

This article clearly explains you as to how do you get rid of bed bugs. Before I list you some natural tips, let me give you a quick introduction.

What Is A Bed Bug Actually?

how do you get rid of bed bugs

A bed bug is a dark tiny brown insect, which is about size of apple seed. Bed bug mostly comes out during nighttime just to feed on humans or animals. However, you can easily spot them during daytime if you closely look through.

How To Know If You Have Been Attacked By Bed Bugs?

One of the easiest ways in finding out if you have been attacked by bed bugs is by thoroughly checking the shoulders, legs & arms for bites. They bite humans in sleep. They usually spend some minutes in sucking up your blood. In case, you have been attacked by its bite then you will typically find it very itchy with red bumps all over your body. And this mostly onto your shoulders, legs & arms.

How Do You Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

Follow the below listed tips to get rid of them

1. Remove Your Bedding & Check Thoroughly

The initial step is to remove the entire pillowcases, bed sheets, bed liners, comforters, blankets, & mattress covers. Soak them in a good detergent powder and wash properly using extreme hot water. Allow them to dry. Never put your bed back unless the entire bedroom is been thoroughly cleaned.

2. Use Vacuum Cleaner To Clean Everything

Any fabric-kind object inside your bedroom / any other room inside the house must be properly cleaned with the help of vacuum cleaner. Make use of hose for this and then put in plastic bags, properly sealed with a strong tape. Leave it for about 3 days. Now, this approach kills the remaining bugs.

3. Inspect & Clean Again

This is one of the most vital tips when it comes to the question how do I get rid of bed bugs. You will have to thoroughly inspect the entire cupboards as well as drawers. In case, you discover bugs or its eggs, you require taking out the entire clothing & then wash them with hot water.

Next, vacuum the entire room and make use of vacuum hose at nooks & crannies. You will have to pay special attention on cracks & openings of the wall. As soon as you are done with this job, throw vacuum bag away.

4. Use A 100% Natural Cleaner

Now, you will have to clean the complete room / house using natural cleaner. Even though there are many products being sold out there at the market, I personally recommend the product named “Kleen Free”. This natural product is exclusively made to clean up the insect-infested spots. On the other hand, this is natural and biodegradable. Therefore, it isn’t harmful to humans, pets and children. Ensure that you clean up every little surface. I mean, behind every furniture piece, inside the cupboard & drawer, at the baseboards, wall sockets, light fixtures – basically everything inside your room / house.

5. Put Back Everything On Place

The last step on how do you get rid of bed bugs is to put back everything on place. After everything is been cleaned, place your pillows, belongings and sheets on appropriate place. Repeat everything in this particular cleaning list once more in ten days, again in an additional ten days & one more final time in another ten days. Trust me bed bugs can be a real nightmare to actually get rid of, naturally or with the use of chemicals. However, if you ensure that you keep it clean, you will no longer have them in your bedroom or house.

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