Blush Naturally With These Beauty Tips

Don’t you just envy young girls that have flawless white skin that shows off their healthy cheeks even when they are not really blushing? Well, you can have it for yourself and you’ll see that how a well-made blush will bring a fresh feel for any look, in an instant!

For a quick blush on-the-go, mash a little bit of boiled beetroot. Apply gently on the apple of your cheeks and massage gently onto the skin (you will feel a bit gritty). Leave it for a couple minutes before washing it off. Don’t worry, the natural reddish color will adhere nicely on the skin. Alternatively, you can also pomegranate and even apple cider vinegar for the same effect.  made a fabulous and super easy recipe for a natural blush without spending too much. All you need is to mix a bit of arrowroot powder or organic corn starch, with beet root powder. The amount pretty much depends on the intensity of the ingredients and the ratio you’ll be mixing it. For more intense color, add a little bit of cocoa powder. And the good thing about this homemade blusher is it works well even for oily skin and it lasts all day.

The difficulty to flash a natural blush from within may come from dull skin sitting on top of your skin. Exfoliate regularly to encourage healthy cell renewal, letting the blush come out at all times, naturally.

You can also eat plenty of carotenoid foods such as tomato, carrots, and capsicums to get to get a natural blush from within; aim to get at least three servings daily for a quick effect in no time (but not too much or you’ll make your skin ‘tanned’ too much).

Believe it or not, getting a good sweat from a workout is wonderful not just for your body, but also gives off a nice glowing blush on the cheeks. A regular exercise will improve your overall health, detoxifies, as well as improving your whole body’s circulation, hence more blood flowing through the skin – instant blush and glow to the cheeks! Team your workout routine with a facial massage to boost blood flow to the cheeks.

Another simple, natural, and proven to give your cheeks a healthy blush is to drink plenty of (plain) water. Aim to get a liter for every 25kg of your body weight to flush out toxins and other bad stuff from your body to achieve a glowing skin.

Having pink and glowing cheeks is not impossible anymore with these tips. Try it out and see how youthful you can be with naturally-made blush. No more pinching the cheeks!

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