Beware, You May Be Applying Mercury Onto Your Skin

One of the latest public alert has been ringing to aware that your skin care products may contain mercury. It’s no secret that the element is extremely poisonous and able to destroy your skin, and body even without realizing it. Please, read about this piece and get informed why mercury is so damn dangerous for your skin.

The public alert mentioned above actually comes from The California Department of Public Health after a number of cases of inorganic mercury poisoning (organic ones means mercury that are come from seafood), where the cases are linked to skin care products intended for skin brightening, fade age spots and acne treatment, and that even includes a 20-month old baby.

What’s the deal with mercury, anyway? Primarily because it’s hard to identify when the element gets into the bloodstream, as the symptoms are non-specific, which includes depression, difficulty in concentration, numbness in hands and legs, as well as insomnia; and these symptoms can go as far as damaging kidney and nervous systems.  Even worse, mercury that gets into your body can be released back as water vapor, contaminate other things it gets in contact with, even other people’s skin.

In skin care issue, mercury will get absorbed readily into the skin and destroy melanosomes (tiny balloons containing the pigment melanin) – hence the reason why mercury is included in beauty creams intended for skin brightening. And believe me when I say the element contained can go as high as 10,000 to 1, minimum amount of mercury in FDA standards.

As nearly all of us don’t have a mercury detector at home, the best way to protect yourself is to always, always read the list of ingredients labeled on your beauty jar, as well as avoiding ones that don’t have the particular list at all costs; with terms include mercury, calomel, mercurous chloride,  mercuric, and mercurio.

Sad but true, try your best to avoid skin care and makeup products coming from Mexico, India, China, and Latin America countries as the products can be a bit shady, so be extra vigilant!

Other warning signs include the cream will turn dark grey or green if they get exposed to light.

Protect yourself from getting exposed to mercury-contaminated creams by reading through the ingredients’ list beforehand. And if you suspect your cream containing mercury and have been using it for some time, I urge you to seek medical attention immediately.  You have no idea, how mercury can get into the system and wreak havoc in your body.

If the cream has been confirmed to contain mercury, proper disposal is needed by the authorities. And I urge you to check thoroughly your beauty creams as mercury can seep through in the list of ingredients without we realizing it.


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