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  • Precautions before Vampire Facial
    Precautions before Vampire Facial
    Posted in: Beauty Tips

    Until now I still wonder who invented the name ‘vampire facial’ when the term platelet-rich-plasma sounds more nurturing and promising. But nevertheless, this treatment is buzzing with women seeking more natural approach to rejuvenate their skin, without adding other kinds of ingredients to their skin – when they’ll be using good stuff directly from their […]

  • looking-like-a-goddess-on-your-wedding-day
    Looking Like A Sun-Goddess On Your Wedding Day
    Posted in: Health & Wellness

    Seriously, looking like a sun-goddess should not be limited to a beach-body look as you can look as gorgeous on your wedding day. Getting that healthy, natural glow is possible and right here is the tips (covering all the basics, we might add) that you can try out for your big day – you might […]

  • laser-skin-treatment
    Possible Complications From Ablative Laser Treatment
    Posted in: Beauty Tips

    While we’re trying to avoid it as much as possible, there’s always a chance that your skin may be unfortunate to suffer from a thing of two, right after a laser skin treatment. But not to worry, these effects won’t last long, thanks to the superior inventions of the machine used for your skin (God […]

  • plastic-surgery
    Trending In Plastic Surgery, Are You In To?
    Posted in: Beauty Tips

    Trending does come and go and it applies to plastic surgery, you know. Long ago, this type of surgery was reserved for older (and with loads of cash) people want to look younger and not the other way around. Nowadays the table has been turned and even women as young as in their teenage years […]

  • lipstick
    What is your lipstick really made out of?
    Posted in: Health & Wellness

    The women (and now, men) all love the use of makeup, especially the lipstick. Not to fool anyone, mind you, but to improve the overall complexion and accentuate the unique lip features in a good way (having a complete and clear complexion while leading a stressful life is near impossible). Keep in mind though, why […]

  • Ways to Remove Unwanted Hair
    Posted in: Beauty Tips

    Put aside some feminism when it comes to body hair – I personally think that regardless of gender, we all need to look good and keep the hair in their places, in check. And of course, having a perfectly smooth skin is what we always dream of hence the development of hair laser removal instead […]

  • tips-to-avoid-insect-bites
    8 Tips to avoid Insect Bites
    Posted in: Health & Wellness

    Suffered from an irritating itch? Not to worry as these tips will help you to minimize the annoying sting as long you don’t pass it off as it can develop into serious condition (including deaths, as reported from an immunology report from The American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology). Don’t worry, the tips are […]

  • 4 Potential Side Effects You Don’t Know You’re Doing To Your Body
    4 Potential Side Effects You Don’t Know You’re Doing To Your Body
    Posted in: Beauty Tips

    As the saying goes, beauty is pain. But it doesn’t have to be dangerous that it puts side effects to your health. Recent evidence points out that some beauty treatments we’re having may be associated with a number of health concerns – mainly infections and respiratory problems. Here are the top five potential side effects […]

  • Making Your Face Slimmer Without A Knife
    Posted in: Misc

    Worried that your face looks ever so puffy and/or sagging than before? I know that feeling as it happens, a lot as stressful life, coupled with not-so-good diet can really put havoc on one’s face. Read here now to know how you can give a little ‘trim’ to your face and rejuvenate them with these […]

  • Blush Naturally With These Beauty Tips
    Posted in: Misc

    Don’t you just envy young girls that have flawless white skin that shows off their healthy cheeks even when they are not really blushing? Well, you can have it for yourself and you’ll see that how a well-made blush will bring a fresh feel for any look, in an instant! For a quick blush on-the-go, […]

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