8 Top Vacation Spots In The World To Have An Amazing Holiday

best vacation spots in the world

Breaking out the monotonous schedule of your life is something that every one of you looks for. There isn’t any better means to accomplish this than going to any of these listed top vacation spots in the world. Be it far from your continent or anywhere near your hometown, few days / weeks / months away from your everyday life routine is always relaxing and energizing. In addition, vacations bring families closer and therefore inculcate enhanced family values & even enable healthier understanding. I have compiled of 8 great places across the world to be on a good vacation.

8 Best Vacation Spots In The World


1. Paris

Top Vacation Spots In The World

There were many debates as to which place should top the list of best vacation spots in the world. After doing so much research and reading down different reviews, I found that there could be nothing better than Paris. It is the most wonderful cities on this planet & undoubtedly most romantic. This is why couples love being here. Apart from its sheer beauty, it also boasts the wonder “Eiffel Tower”, whom tourists all over the world come to see.

2. Rome

Top Vacation Spots In The World

This is certainly a must-see destination. It is well admired for its Coliseum, Vatican City and pristine churches. Rome is the hot spot for many honeymooners and like Paris; even this is a romantic location. If you are here, I am sure you will be tempted to extend your holidays and never be tired.

3. Las Vegas

Top Vacation Spots In The World

Now, Las Vegas is certainly one of the coolest cities on earth. This is otherwise called “Sin City”. It is popular for entertainment and is one among those places, which has always something or the other going on. This is the reason why it is still considered as the top vacation destinations. Right from theater shows, casinos and concerts to fine dining, upscale shopping and galleries, Vegas certainly offers a great time for its visitors.

4. Venice

best vacation spots in the world

Next on the list of top vacation spots in the world is none other than Venice. It is well admired for its beautiful canals & gondolas. Even though some big-time developers across the globe are copying Venice’s architectural designs, there is nothing like original. With many original buildings intact still, it is not hard to visualize yourself back to 19th century. Culture and art make Venice its ultimate home. Therefore, Venice is the right place for you to be this holiday.

5. Tokyo

top vacation destinations

Tokyo, Japan’s capital discovers a wonderful fusion of traditional and modern cultures. The 21st century buildings stand side with 100-year old temples and shrines.

6. Hawaii

top vacation destinations

Hawaiian Islands are one of the best places to spend your holiday at. Occupied with green trees, cool mountains and water – this is all we need to relax. People visiting this place always admire of its beautiful beaches, amazing scenery, fascinating mountains, valleys, typical rain forests & of course the weather. Trust me Hawaii is a true paradise on this Earth.

7. Florida

Top Vacation Spots In The World

This place has always been featured among top vacation destinations in US. Obviously, it deserves it. People across the world come over here to visit Disney World, beautiful beaches and Fun Parks.

8. Rio De Janeiro

best vacation spots in the world

It is no more a secret place for visitors now. It sheds its image like sun, sea & samba town well known for its glamour as well as sophistication. The beaches are mind-boggling. The Sugar-loaf Mountain & Christ, the Redeemer are spots your camera needs to capture. Trust me the sceneries of Rio is extremely special.

Since that, you are now aware of the top vacation destinations around the world, what are you still waiting for? Pack your bags and have fun.

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