8 Tips to avoid Insect Bites


Suffered from an irritating itch? Not to worry as these tips will help you to minimize the annoying sting as long you don’t pass it off as it can develop into serious condition (including deaths, as reported from an immunology report from The American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology).

Don’t worry, the tips are simple and won’t spoil the fun in whatever you’re doing.

Usually a normal reaction to an insect bites would be redness, swelling, and stinging sensation that can turn into intolerable pain. Remember, watch out of any possible allergic reaction that might accompany with these venomous stings.

For example, symptoms include shortness of breath, with tightness feeling within the chest; your tongue, eyes and lips starts to swell and it’s noticeable; or even worse as far as fainting that can lead to extreme shock and heart failure.

It’s also essential to have some topical medications in case these things ever happen to you – anti-inflammatory medications are essential to treat pain and swelling on the affected area with antihistamines like Benadryl (keep in mind to use sparingly as they can be toxic, no matter how panic you are if you get bitten) and hydrocortisone creams (1% should do it) is suitable for itchiness.

An anti-bacterial soaps and body wash will be handy to provide some protection while you’re staying outdoors. For a best shot I highly recommend you bring these two medications for safety measures.

For worse possible bite that produces an allergic reaction, a dose of epinephrine injection (on the outer side of the thigh) is extremely important to prevent any life-threatening symptoms.

Avoid from getting yourself bitten by the insects by practicing safety measures such as not walking barefoot in the grass; cover any exposed/opened containers, boxes, and bins.

It’s also advisable for you to not wear strong-smelling perfumes and to wear pale and pastel colors instead of rich, vibrant hues (that includes black) where insects tend to favor those colors; and if you don’t want to be the easy victim to nectar-hungry beings, ditch floral patterns.

As well as being super-cautious when eating and playing outdoors, even if you’re having a blast of a good time, especially after sunset.

Trust me, after reading this, you might want to have some of these medications (or at least making a note out of it) should you plan to have some fun in the outdoors.

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