7 Incredible Foods That Help You Lose Weight Fast

food that helps you lose weight fast

So, you are on the process of losing weight is it? Well, I am sure you would want the process to be fast. If yes, then this article is something, you require reading. It clearly explains you some foods that help you lose weight fast. Read on

Top 7 Foods That Help You Lose Weight Fast


food that helps you lose weight fast

Yes, of course, foundation for booming weight loss process is by exercising & eating well. However, in case you wish powering up all your efforts, then check the foods that make you lose weight naturally and effectively. Research claims that these 7 secret foods easily help you lose weight and even better. Have you ever heard of yummy foods that make you lose weight? Sounds great and is true. I am going to list them down soon to you.

There is no doubt that the weight loss process comes to a simple math. Some foods can assist you get rid of body weight since they keep you full long & assist curb cravings. Certain foods can even kick your metabolism. Hence, make sure to buy these ingredients whenever you are at a supermarket:

1. Soup

Begin your good day with a very healthy soup. This will help you eat very less. It does not matter if soup is pureed or chunky as long it is broth-based. But make sure to keep the fresh soup around 100 – 150 calories per serving. Hence, skip those dollops of butter and cream.

2. Beans

Cheap, versatile & filling beans are one of the biggest protein sources. They are rich in fiber content and even slower to digest. This literally means that you will be full for longer time and this indeed is the reason that stops you from consuming more.

3. Pureed Vegetables

This is one of the best foods that help you lose weight fast. One can easily add more vegetables into your daily diet – enjoy the “cheat” foods & still cut back the calories you are eating. The best thing is that you can do everything simultaneously.

4. Dark Chocolate

Wish to enjoy some chocolate between your meals? Then don’t hesitate to pick that little square or 2 of fresh dark chocolate but avoid that milky chocolate version. In a study, chocolate lovers were given little dark chocolate pieces to eat and later found that they consumed 15% lesser pizza after few hours of having eaten some milk chocolate.

5. Sausage & Eggs

A healthy breakfast that is rich in proteins might help you defy snack attacks the entire day. During a research, some overweight young women were examined. Few started their day with 35grams protein, which is probably way over than what you are eating. It was found that they felt full whereas overweight women, who consumed a breakfast of 350-calories (which included eggs & beef sausage pie) had a different effect. It seemed to long last until evening when compared to women, who munched lesser on fatty and sugary goods.

6. Nuts

When it comes to the question best foods that make you lose weight fast, nut is something even health experts recommend. People often misconceive that it has high amounts of fat. Yes, it is rich in fat but it is all good fat, meaning – monounsaturated. For a good snack on-the-go, take some handful of walnuts, pecans, peanuts and almonds but not in excess. Research says that people who munch some nuts automatically eat very less during meals.

7. Apples

Nothing is better than a fresh raw apple. Skip that applesauce and fresh apple juice. Prefer for crunchy raw apple. A fresh raw apple blunts appetite that juices and sauces don’t. A key reason why health experts recommend going with a raw apple is that it contains more fiber. In addition, chewing sends some vital signals to the brain saying that you have ate something substantial.

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