6 Expert Tips To Keep Your Skin Looking Good This Winter

Don’t you just go green with envy when Elsa (yep, from Frozen) look so damn good despite the winter power she has? Definitely not fair when we have to contend with chapped lips, super dry skin, and frozen nose. What to do then? Read on to know the seven right way, step by step, to look gorgeous effortlessly during the winter months.

First things first, is using the right cleanser in the winter. Despite what you might think, using the same cleanser as you do in summer is not a good idea as in winter. Mild ones are the best as they are gentle and don’t strip off the natural oils from the skin. Try Cetaphil or Neutrogena as it’s suitable for nearly all skin types.

As for moisturizer, whatever your skin type is, choose the kind that are oil-based, complete with vitamins and antioxidants to combat, seal, and protect from damaging effects in winter months, kinda like ‘ointment’ ones. If you have oily skin, look for similar ingredients, with lighter formula or you can also look for ingredients containing humectants (glycerine, AHAs, or sorbitol) to lock in moisture.

Here’s a tip: night creams are oil-based so it might be a good idea to use them as a day moisturizer when heading out. And yes, in moisturizing skin, we mean your face and body.

Continue with weekly exfoliation so your skin will absorb all of beauty ingredients in an efficient way and a hydrating mask to keep your skin nourished.

As for your lips, keep a rich lip balm close by instead of licking your lips when you feel it a bit tad dry (save it to attract your man’s attention). Tea tree oil and shea butter is good to heal painful cracks.

And no matter how tempting it is to soak in a hot bath after playing in snow, stick with lukewarm water instead. And it’s essential to keep it short as the water will strip too much oil from your body.

Believe it or not, the sun can be quite intense and harsher in winter. Always apply  a good dose of sunscreen with at least SPF30, even if you plan to stay indoors all day (due to indirect reflection of UV rays).

And it’s no brainer to keep your body hydrated as the winter season is super drying for your skin. Apart from getting 8 glasses of plain water daily, up your hydration level by drinking one to two cups of green tea to hydrate and beautify your skin (green tea contains high amounts of polyphenols and antioxidants).

Looking good effortlessly during these winter months has never been easier with these tips.

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