4 Potential Side Effects You Don’t Know You’re Doing To Your Body

4 Potential Side Effects You Don’t Know You’re Doing To Your Body

As the saying goes, beauty is pain. But it doesn’t have to be dangerous that it puts side effects to your health. Recent evidence points out that some beauty treatments we’re having may be associated with a number of health concerns – mainly infections and respiratory problems. Here are the top five potential side effects that can happen to you, and how to protect from it.

Hey, why wouldn’t you have a little bit of waxing to look good in your bikini? Bikini waxes should get the job done (albeit a bit painful) but keep in mind and watch out how the staff are doing it. Double-dipping – using the same applicator to apply hot wax onto the skin is the easy way to spread germs and cause you infections.

While it’s easy to dismiss hat these infections are nothing to the superb immune system you’re having, it’s best to be safe at all times as the worst case can happen, undetected (for example, MRSA infections). Simply choosing regulated salons and watch (like a hawk) during the process is will put your mind at ease.

Yikes, even sunscreen poses a problem? Indeed, as new findings emerge that chemical sunscreens can pose side effects to your health. For example, oxybenzone are suspected being an endocrine (mimicking female hormone estrogen, fooling our body and potentially trigger cancerous cells to grow), altering sperm production, and even seep through in breastmilk, affecting the baby. While retinyl palmitate have been shown to accelerate skin damage.

While the findings are a bit inconclusive, it’s best to stick with physical sunscreens such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, as well as covering up yourself while heading out in sunny day.

Spray tans are a fabulous alternative to tanning beds. Plus, DHA (dihydroxyacetone) contained are considered to be safe for your skin. The only issue is while DHA is safe, it was meant to be safe when applied topically, as spraying means some of the fine particles may get inhaled while tanning your skin.

The FDA received a number of complaints about using spray tans such as dizziness, coughing, and fainting but other reasons can also cause you these things. To be safe, you can cover up your eyes, mouth, and nose while doing it, or simply use the tried and true of topical tanning cream.

Thinking of using laser hair removal treatment? Take note on the risks associated such as scarring (which can be permanent, God forbid) and a little bit of discoloration on the treated area. Minimize the risks to your skin by knowing exactly the kind of treatment you’ll be having and the machine you’ll be using (not to rely blindly to the physician/specialist) as different equipment have their own risks. Read more about risks associated with laser hair removal.

At the same time, be aware of laser plumes – smokes that are released during treatments – contained volatile compounds phtalates and benzenes that put serious effects to your health. Protect yourself by avoiding laser treatments done in poorly ventilated rooms and wear paper masks for possible inhalation of these compounds.

It’s best to get informed as much as possible, understanding the risks associated, and of course, take preventative measure as much as possible. With this knowledge, you’ll be informed and know the real reason why you’re doin these treatments.

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