Monthly Archives: June 2015

  • plastic-surgery
    Trending In Plastic Surgery, Are You In To?
    Posted in: Beauty Tips

    Trending does come and go and it applies to plastic surgery, you know. Long ago, this type of surgery was reserved for older (and with loads of cash) people want to look younger and not the other way around. Nowadays the table has been turned and even women as young as in their teenage years […]

  • lipstick
    What is your lipstick really made out of?
    Posted in: Health & Wellness

    The women (and now, men) all love the use of makeup, especially the lipstick. Not to fool anyone, mind you, but to improve the overall complexion and accentuate the unique lip features in a good way (having a complete and clear complexion while leading a stressful life is near impossible). Keep in mind though, why […]

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