Monthly Archives: December 2014

  • Skincare Combinations You Should Avoid!
    Posted in: Beauty Tips

    This Shouldn’t Get Mixed! While on the journey to get the most flawless and baby-like skin you can think off, keep in mind of this extremely important lists of a combination of products that only makes the other renders ineffective or, making you skin worse than ever. So which product is not supposed to wear […]

  • 6 Expert Tips To Keep Your Skin Looking Good This Winter
    Posted in: Misc

    Don’t you just go green with envy when Elsa (yep, from Frozen) look so damn good despite the winter power she has? Definitely not fair when we have to contend with chapped lips, super dry skin, and frozen nose. What to do then? Read on to know the seven right way, step by step, to […]

  • 1545922_10152163708600873_1624104423_n
    Taking Care Of Your Skin, Holistic Style
    Posted in: Beauty Tips

    If you’re clicking this link to read the piece, then you’re a very lucky gal. Not many of us know of these tricks in taking care of your skin. Only these tips are not actually new – these are ayurvedic practices dating back as far as 3,000 years. Although lacking in scientific evidence, countless ayurvedic […]

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