10 Unbelievable Things To Do In Las Vegas During The Day

Things To Do In Las Vegas During The Day

With hustling & bustling Vegas nightlife, one may think that there are actually no good things to do in Las Vegas during the day. However, the fact is something else. I can guarantee that after going through this article, you will change your mind and might even plan a trip over here as soon as possible. Check them out

What To Do In Vegas During The Day?


Things To Do In Las Vegas During The Day

1. The Popular Atlantis Show

I am sure you must have heard or come across Caesars Palace. Well, this hotel is admired for its exclusive style and the Atlantis show. It is the excellent Las Vegas shows (free), which begins promptly at 11.A.M. almost every day & continues hourly. This 10-minute performance inspired by Greek mythology combines visual & sound effects with incredible fireworks.

2. M&M’s World

One of the best things to do in Vegas during the day is to hang around at M&M’s World. It is the right place for families and kids. There is nothing that you cannot love in this huge candy store. It offers imaginable & unimaginable souvenirs. The gifts are proudly embellished to urge you to buy it.

3. MGM’s Grand Lion Habitat

Next on the list of best things to do in Las Vegas during the day is this one. It is a great place to have fun if you love animals and wildlife. Just enjoy watching lions play & interact with each another.

4. Conservatory In Bellagio

If you are not very fond of wildlife and prefer being closer to Mother Nature then this is somewhere you need to enjoy your day at. In fact, one can enjoy this Bellagio conservatory 24/7 (day & night). Marvel at the richest & most stunning horticultural creations exposing ever-changing seasons constructed from greens, flowers, trees, bushes and exclusively designed props for elevating visitors’ experience.

5. Bellagio Fountains

This is not only an important landmark of Las Vegas but also one of the greatest places to see during the daytime. Weekend & holiday shows begin at midday & are repeated each hour so that the entire guests of Las Vegas can see magical water shows, lights & music.

6. Have Extreme Fun At A Roller Coaster

In many places, if you desire for an excellent roller coaster ride then you require heading to a uptown theme park. In Las Vegas, you can locate them easily. The major destination for a thriller ride is none other than the Circus Circus’s The Adventuredome, which features world’s only human made indoor double corkscrew, double-loop roller coaster.

7. Zoological-Botanical Park

This presents a very impressive species of some endangered animals in the world. And I am sure you wouldn’t be able to see them anywhere else at the southwest. Apes, snakes, wallabies, otters, wild cats call Vegas Zoo as their home.

8. Indoor Skydiving

Skydiving? And that too indoors? Seems that it is a joke but it is not. Usually, you have to go outdoors to have a deep skydiving but in Las Vegas, you are going to experience something different. No more jumping from an. Here with perfectly safe & controlled environment, one can get the ultimate skydive feeling right with indoor conditions.

9. Don’t Miss To See Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam is one of the world’s finest engineering creations located in Colorado River. A small bus or car ride from Vegas will make you reach right there. Have a healthy walk and tour around the massive Hoover Dam.

10. Mount Charleston

This is the ideal escape daytime from that hot & busy Vegas particularly during summer heat. All you have to do is to drive 35miles from Vegas & dive in a relaxing atmosphere of Mount Charleston. It is an amazing spot for nature admirers and even a perfect place to hike.


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